Watch and Learn - A round-up of the most informative videos about Shibori batik we could find on youtube

For those of you who have noticed that the word ‘Shibori’ seems to be a recurring term on our website but have little more tangible information about it other then a vague notion that it has something to do with batik or tie-dying, I thought I would post an informative round-up of videos about said topic in order to let some light in and hopefully, since pictures or in this case vidoes, speak louder then words provide some tactile information about the most tactile of textile arts!

Let it be noted that in an age of fast fashion where the ‘new luxury’ has been described (within the hallowed pages of Vogue magazine no less) as being of a ‘handmade’ nature, what could be more luxurious then knowing that the thousands of textural dots on your jacket were created by the well-versed hands of a Japanese octogenarian over the course of a solid three month working period. Yes, that Kimono jacket with a complete Shibori finish may have taken up to three months to complete, I kid you not.

And so, without further ado, I invite you to humbly appreciate these wonderful craftspeople as they inspire awe through their skillful display of haptic knowhow.