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How to style a Kimono?

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Are you unsure about how to style a Kimono? As in how to actually wear that über long beautiful silk kimono you recently purchased?  It seems your not alone as recently we've had a number of emails from customers asking for styling suggestions.
To help you out we've made a few collages featuring Pinterest images of our favourite styling ideas.
The most obvious idea is, of course, to wear your Kimono as a luxurious getting-ready-robe in the mornings. Because who doesn't wake up better when they're cocooned in silk?

a person in a red shirt

There seems to be an incredible amount of style savvy dressers out there wearing their Kimonos as layered statement jackets.

a group of people walking in the sand


How to style a Kimono

Another great idea is to wear the Kimono as an actual dress, belted at the waist with avantgarde - esque flowing silk pleats and draped sleeves.

a close up of a person

So, there you go, how to style a Kimono is four easy ways.Have we missed anything? Do you have a cool styling tip for us? Hit us up in the comments or send us a picture to be featured. 


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