Fun Flirty and Cool - Creative Ideas on how to Style your Kimono

Fun Flirty and Cool - Creative Ideas on how to Style your Kimono

Have you ever tried to work a long silk Kimono into a casual daytime outfit only to be left staring at a pile of discarded outfits feeling dejected and bemoaning your apparent lack of styling finesse? If so, you’ll know how easy it is to feel outdone by this colourful silk robe. The extravagant fabrics, bold colours and fantastical prints invite us to play, only to leave us feeling outsmarted at the final hurdle.
So, how to wear a kimono robe? What tricks can we find which, sartorially speaking, bridge the gap between our usual style and something more ‘un-usual’ without making us feel like a their tier Instagram influencer?

In our selfless quest to divulge the secrets of Kimono style, we've uncovered four easy styling solutions. Follow the suggestions below and start enjoying sartorial success.

Reduce the length of the Robe! A Japanese Kimono is designed to be worn belted and tucked up at the waist. There is no way the 160cm length is going to work if you intend to wear the robe during the day. Take it to an alteration shop and have them adjust the length of the bottom hem so that the robe falls just above your ankle. You can ask to have the fabric remnants sewn into a matching belt or use it to add pockets to the front.

Contrast is king! The easiest way to downplay the extravagant silk and bold colour of your robe is to pair it with a contrasting item. The easiest variation on this theme would be the pairing of a kimono with jeans. There's something eternally appealing about luxurious silk paired with faded denim. This is what Harling Ross calls ‘the peanut butter and jelly approach: wherein an unlikely combination ultimately enhances the overall flavour’. Peruse the images below to find an answer for the popular question of 'how to wear a Kimono with jeans'. 

Modern Archive Silk Kimono Robes (similar styles here). Vintage Levis Jeans.  Robert Clergerie Shoes 

The Row Denim


High-Rise Straight-Leg Jeans
Size: US 8 | M



Mid-Rise Straight Jeans
Size: US 27 | S


Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans
Size: IT44 | US8, M

Let the Kimono do the talking! As we’ve already established the Kimono is the main ticket item here. Try to compete with it and you’ll most likely end up looking like a hot mess. Keep things simple and let the Kimono have all of the attention. 

Potential combinations discovered during the course of our *extensive* research included: an all-black outfit with a shimmering metallic coloured Kimono, creamy white high-rise trousers and top with a sheer black Kimono robe, a black turtleneck knit dress, black ankle boots and a shimmering blue robe. Think of this like a game of memory where the winner takes all - all being improved cognitive function as well as eclectically pleasing outfits. The mind boggles.

Modern Archive Black Silk Haori Jacket (similar styles here)

Modern Archive Floral Michiyuki Kimono Jacket (similar style here). Robert Clergerie Shoes

Modern Archive Black Silk Kimono (similar styles here). Strenesse Sheer Mesh Top. Robert Clergerie Shoes. Brunello Cucinelli - High Waist Trousers 

Wear it with your birthday suit! What can you wear practically naked that allows you to be seen in public and makes you feel like a million bucks? Yup, a men’s Kimono jacket. Throw one on, belt it at the waist, tousle your hair and you’ve got a look. There’s something great about the way the sleeves drape with a cinched waist and the length is perfect paired with heels or an ankle boot. If you’re really feeling yourself I suggest pairing with lingerie. 
Below are some suggestions from Berlin-based ethical lingerie brand Anekdot.

Modern Archive Men's Kimono Jacket (similar styles here). Neil Barrett shoes



Earth Hi Triangle Set 2.0



Coura Hi Set



Earth Cheeky Triangle Set 2.0

What about you? Are you exploring the realms of Kimono style? Do you have any tricks up your (elaborate) sleeves for wearing them? I’m all ears.


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