ILIA Beauty: Where Organic Meets Mainstream

We’ve all heard about beauty companies claiming to be all clean and pure, but on closer inspection are still crammed full of unpleasant elements. Sulphates anyone? What about a nice dose of propyl parabens,? Aah no thanks! Well, we’ve come across a very promising line with quite a catchy name to beat, which actually delivers what it promises. Established on the principle of crafting pure and ethically-sustainable cosmetics, ILIA is dedicated to producing healthy organic products that nurture and revitalize our skin, while maintaining environmental responsibility. LA based founder, Sasha Plavsic was once told that the natural cosmetics do not work as well as their synthetically produced counterparts and luckily for us, she is determined to change this preconception. With up to 85% bioactive organic ingredients like Shea butters and essential oils ILIA offers high performance without compromising health. Add to that, that the colors are actually on point and you quickly have a new fave cosmetic company.

Ps, we suggest checking out this article for more information about the tangible effects of using lower chemical products.